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Cooking organic mixtures

HENAN Food Systems developed several high dry solids jet cookers with direct steam injection. The need of customers was to have access to a jet cooker able to process all types of flour and mixtures of flour at very high solids. The slurry preparation and jet cooking process is fully automated.

For those customers needing extreme high viscosities we developed a jet cooker including flash cooling under vacuum. Especially for some vegetarian/vegan applications these cooker types could allow producers to use direct steam injection for jet cooking without jeopardizing the high solids in the final product.

Many substrates can be cooked or heated by using direct steam injection without damages to the substrate.

If you are interested to learn more about the possibilities you are welcome to contact one of our engineers. We enjoy looking at the possibilities for your company.

What we offer with our High Dry jet cooking technology

Good, stable microbiological quality of final materials
A broad range of alternative raw materials can be used
Our flexible concept may facilitate other innovations with other snack types
Use of different raw materials in order to balance cost price in time