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In-line starch swelling - gelatinating

Starch use for various applications - mash tune cycle time reduction

Use of starch containing materials is common in many food applications. With the technology developed by HENAN swelling or gelatinating with direct steam injection is possible at very high accuracy.

In applications like beer brewing, bakery and sweets, direct steam injection will allow producers to increase production capacity in existing process set ups. Especially for those customers active in the vegetarian/vegan applications our technology would allow significant improvement of production efficiency by replacing indirect heating of substrates by heating with direct steam injection.

Our jet cooking solutions are tailor made. We offer plain jet cooking equipment for gelatinating of starch containing materials without disturbing the viscosity of the gelled products. With our equipment combined with enzymatic reaction, customers can control the viscosity of the end product within very narrow bandwidth.

If you are interested to learn more about the possibilities you are welcome to contact one of our engineers. We enjoy looking at the possibilities for your company.

What we offer with our Jet Cooker technology

Safe and reliable machinery (CE certified)
Hygienic and compact design
All starch types can be used (wheat, corn, cassava, sorghum)
Consistent quality output at high solids up to 40%
Fast response to demand changes
Fully automated - PLC controlled