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The Apprentice

Installation characteristics:

Safe machinery (CE certification)
Runs with all type of materials which can be suspended in water (starch, wheat, grits etc.)
High viscosities possible
Particle size in slurry up to 2mm possible
Semi-automated up to fully automated including slurry preparation

Mini jet cookers for R&D purposes

One of the specializations of HENAN Food Systems are the jet cooker and enzymatic conversion equipment for Research & Development purposes. We have jet cooker equipment in our portfolio able to cook very small amounts of test material 3-5kg slurry.

Our base installation is partly automated and need a floor size of 100 x 100 cm maximum. The slurry flows vary between 25 and 150L/h.

Customization is possible from very basic up to fully automated pilot jet cookers and enzymatic converters.