Experience the high quality starch handling
equipment of HENAN Food Systems

HENAN Food Systems is a manufacturer of reliable and high quality equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry. With our dedicated team we have a broad knowledge in starch production, starch handling and the applications. HENAN Food Systems is able to organize a custom made solution. Customers choosing HENAN Food technology choose to invest in a long term cost effective way to serve their market.

With our innovative technology we focus on the following product groups:

  1. Maltodextrins
  2. Glucose syrups
  3. Fermentation syrups
  4. Starch as raw material for adjuncts in beer brewing
  5. Specific starch sugars (HFS)
  6. Biomass conversion

HENAN's machinery can be used across the world in:

  • Food Industries
  • Beverage Industries

Our machinery has been engineered to operate with all types of starches origin from corn, cassava (tapioca), potato and wheat. On top of that we have a broad knowledge on how to process different starch (containing) raw materials into the final converted product.

All of our equipment is engineered and constructed in the Netherlands and fully aligned with the latest food standards.