the sweetner

in-line production of dextrins, maltodextrins and starch sugars


Specifications and characteristics:

Safe and robust machinery (CE certification)
Hygenic and compact design
Runs all starches
Very consistent quality output
Rapid response to demand changes
Fully automated - PLC controlled
Relative low maintenance and operational costs

Create your own syrups

Do you wish to have the capability to produce your own syrups exactly meeting your requirements and using local raw materials? If the answer is YES, HENAN Food Systems has the solution for you.

Based on years of experience and know how HENAN Food Systems developed an innovative concept for continuous, in-line production of dextrins, maltodextrins and starch sugars such as:

  • Dextrins with DE < 3
  • Maltodextrins with 3 ≤ DE < 20
  • Glucose- and high-maltose syrups with DE ≥ 20

Our installations are designed in such a way that different raw materials can be processed, varying from all types of starches and starch derivatives to a wide variety of starch containing biomass.

Our standard control systems are based on Siematic.

Our unique reactor design and control system ensures fully controlled starch degradation and as a result a very consistent and hygienic end product.