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Enzyme treatment of starch, flour and grits for food applications

For enzyme treatment of starches, flours and grits we have equipment varying from small equipment for laboratory or pilot plant use up to installations able to convert 2500kg/h dry substance. Depending on the application need, the type of enzyme can be chosen as well as the conversion time in order to achieve the required product characteristics.

Heat treatment with direct steam injection is a very efficient process for swelling, cooking, or sterilizing starch containing liquids. Even at very high viscosities it is possible to maintain a very stable process. Some of our cooking equipment is combined with flash cooling under vacuum, allowing a very fast controlled cooling process without using a heat exchanger.

The variety of raw materials which can be used is high. All our equipment is custom made fitting exactly to the need.

What we offer with our Jet Cooker technology

Safe and reliable machinery (CE certified)
Hygienic and compact design
Suitable for many types or organic raw materials
Particle size up to 3mm possible to use
Consistent quality output at high solids up to 40%
Fast response to demand changes
Fully automated - PLC controlled
CIP cycles integrated