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The Chef

Installation characteristics:

Safe and robust machinery (CE certification)
Runs on all types of starch (wheat, corn, potato, tapioca, rice)
Consistent quality output at high viscosities
Fully automated via touch panel control
Integrated slurry preparation possible
In line concentration control slurry

High dry solids cooker

The HENAN Food starch cookers (jet cookers) can be supplied with and without the slurry preparation inside the cooker skid.

We have the capability to supply complete projects from starch handling-, slurry preparation-, jet cooking-, till dosing installations, to supply the cooked solution to the application of the customer.

Our jet cooker technology is state of the art. We continuously strive to improve our installation further. Most of our installations are custom made and designed to fit exactly to the customers application and need.

The capacity of our direct steam injection jet cookers vary from 50L/h up to 10.000L/h slurry.

All our installations are equipped with a control cabinet with a PLC and touch panel control.