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The Sweetner

Installation characteristics:

Safe and robust machinery (CE certification)
Runs on all types of starch (wheat, corn, potato, tapioca, rice)
Consistent quality output at high viscosities
Fast response time
Operates at very high viscosities up to 500.000mPa.s
Fully automated via touch panel control
Integrated slurry preparation possible
In line concentration control slurry

Enzymatic conversion

HENAN's Food Continuous Enzymatic Converters (CEC) convert all starch containing raw materials types for use in:

  • the food industry to produce dextrin sugars, maltose and glucose
  • the beverage industry to degrade starches to sugars in-line

We supply conversion skids with a capacity up to 2500 kg/h dry matter.

Our unique reactor design ensures fully controlled starch degradation at high solids. The process consistency of our technology is extreme precise in relation to technology offered by others.

Our enzymatic conversion machinery is operating fully automatically and are controlled via an integrated control cabinet with PLC and touch panel control.