About Us

HENAN Food Systems was founded in 2012 by 4 owners who combined their technologies and know how. Together they have developed “New to the Market” equipment providing food and beverage processing companies a significant cost saving on their starch based raw materials like maltodextrins and syrups.

The owners of HENAN Food Systems have combined their experience of over 25 years in starch processing, starch modification and conversion know how. They do not only know everything about conversion of starches, but can also assist customers in process design, process optimizations, separation processes as well as equipment design.

Together they can offer a whole package from customized offer to consulting the customer on specific demands and location to deliver the tailor made equipment that meets the customers expectations.

HENAN Food Systems has a broad network and co-operates with experts all over the world on all kinds of fields related to starch processing.

If you are interested in our cost saving equipment solutions or if you need consultancy on your specific problem in above mentioned fields, just contact us.

We gladly help you further.